Tuesday, July 31, 2012

eFlite BLADE mSR

MSHeli mini PRÔTOS

ALIGN TRex 100

ALIGN TRex 450 - No Canopy

ALIGN TRex 450 - Tail Assembly

ALIGN TRex 450, Tail Assembly: Microheli Pro (CNC)Tail w/ Chinese Weights

ALIGN TRex 450 - Nose on

ALIGN TRex 450 - LED

ALIGN TRex 450 w/ LEDS


Video of the GAUI ep 200 also w/ LEDS

The Bluenose

A 30 year old dust collector ... a kit never finished ...


A first attempt at 'Product' photography

Home Fun, DENON and PSB Surround Sound

my Fleet

RC Helicopters
From left to right
  • MSHeli PRÔTOS (500)
  • MSHeli mini PRÔTOS (450)
  • Bell UH-1 Huey
  • GAUI ep255
  • GAUI ep200
  • eFlite Blade mSR

From left to right
  • MSHeli PRÔTOS (500)
  • ALIGN TRex 450
  • HPI Baja 5B ss

Die-cast: Avro Lancaster

The Avro Lancaster, introduced in 1942 (WiKi) was a British four-engined World War II heavy bomber designed and built by AVRO (WiKi) for the Royal Air Force (RAF). This die-cast was inherited from Dad who originally bought the model from the Farnborough Air Museum gift-shop while visiting England.

Just for fun... 
... I dropped in the background, faked the spinning propellers, added the fake film grain, added a vignette and finished off with a tad of sepia toning. To answer the question "was it Photoshopped?" ... Yes!