Sunday, February 17, 2013

To Telephoto or to Mega-pixel?

Do you see an airplane?    
Nikon D90 with it's DX (APS-C) sensor and zoom lens set at 85mm, 100% Crop.
I might NOT need that NEW and expensive large focal length telephoto I was eyeballing. 

Well, there is a difference between needing and wanting, I want!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Bell UH-1 Project is Alive and Kicking Butt

For quite sometime my scale UH-1 had been on the back burner for near 5 months, maybe more, probably more. The reason for this long hiatus was in part due to lack of funds to buy a suitable 3-Axis Gyro this helicopter desperately needed for a successful and stable flight. Finding the funding certainly was the issue but generally speaking this type of hardware can be quite expensive. Also 'safety' being an important concern if not the most important thus it was in my best interest to buy electronics that are not only well made but I was also looking for equipment that was well respected with a proven track record.

The Fly by Wire (Wiki) ...

My long absence, my self imposed RC drought finally over I'm bringing my Huey back into the limelight with the purchase of a new 'used' Mikado Mini V-Bar, a Virtual Flybar System. I'm expecting it's delivery within the next few weeks.

Upon receiving my Mini V-Bar I will document it's installation, the mechanical, electronic setup and the maiden (test) flight of my Vietnam War era helicopter, my Bell UH-1 'HUEY' Medivac.

More information:
  - Mikado Mini V-Bar: Virtual Flybar System
  - Information and Support: Mini V-Bar at VStabi 
  - Bell UH-1, Huey: Manufactured by  

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Image (left): TRex 450 Skeleton
The a
irframe used inside the UH-1 Scale Body 

... but minus the QUARK Gyro, Main Rotor and Tail Assembly.

Update: Feb 22, 2013
... My Mini V-Bar arrived today. Next 'update' will be the installation and setup.

Mikado Mini V-Bar v5.0
Setup Software