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  • Kodak Imagedisc Test Image: Dry Creek Photo - download (zip)
  • GIMP ~ The best FREE photo-editor 
  • MS-Win Photo Gallery ~ A simple, everyday photo editor
  • Picasa ~ Basic image organization and editing
  • Pixlr ~ Three online photo editing applications with loads of effects
  • Photoshop Express Editor ~ A number of Photoshop tools bundled into an online editing application
  • Paint.NET v3.5.11 ~ Simple image and photo-editing
  • Fotoflexer ~ An online image editor said to be quite powerful in it's feature set
  • UFRaw ~ RAW image reading and editing
  • Visual Lightbox JS ~ Create lightbox-style web photo galleries for web-sites
  • PhotoScape - easy photo editing
  • Luminance HDR ~ Open-source GUI for making HDR images
  • Hugin is a very good panorama creator (stitcher) application
  • Darktable ~ a LINUX only open source workflow application and RAW editor
  • Perfect Effects 4
    ... is a FREE application and/or plug-in containing 70+ photographic filters.
  • Camera Tethering (FREE) Software for Nikon DSLRs
    ... FYI: Nikon's Camera Control Pro 2 tethering software expects $179.95usd
  • Wire Worm a Photoshop Plugin
  • Open Source RAW File Converter
  • JPEGCrops ~ Provides lossless JPEG cropping with fixed aspects ratios
  • LightZone ~ This photo-editor was first released in 2005 but is currently unsupported by it's creators. In it's day this was a powerful commercial photo-editing package. Even by today's standard many still find LightZone quite a useful photo-editor and owing to fan support the authors now offer the application as Open Source, FREE.
  • Adobe CS2 Applications ~ These CS2 apps are NOT exactly FREE! For arguments sake and as short disclaimer let's say "free to download." Freely using the software being an entirely different kettle of fish it is advisable to read Adobe's CS2 TOS (WiKi) before using. Signing-up is required to access the download page and to retrieve the required serial numbers.
  • iOS Light Meter ~ iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. Unfortunately it is advertising supported by inserting banner adds into the application's output.
  • Video Applications

Goggle Nik Collection FREE - Learn More

Photography Calculators and Simulators

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