Monday, September 29, 2014

Creating a Panorama with Any Camera

With many new features one feature added to the new and popular iOS 8 (iPhone, iPod, iPad variants) camera application is it's new panorama function. This news has many upgrading to iOS 8  excited as it now make's it easier for them to create a panorama image. 
Although I am sure that is great news for iOS 8, also many cameras from the humble Point & Shoot and all the way up to the best DSLR now offer panorama but "How would I create a panorama if my camera does not have the function?" According to Luminous Landscape the answer to that question is "Easier Than You Think."

However not to be dismissive and as complete or comprehensive as
Luminous Landscape's tutorial is I used a FREE Windows PC application called Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher to create the images shown below. 

Presented within the Luminous Landscapes tutorial are various methods for creating a panorama but mostly uses  Photoshop.  Of course the method you choose to make yours is entirely up to you.

To learn how ...

Sample output
Panorama, single frame shown in RED
16mm DX (APS-C) lens, single frame shown in RED

Panorama Image
Sample output created using Hugin 
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Panorama Image
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post-processing fun with my Panorama
Post-processing FUN


Video ~ How-to make a Panorama

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Photo Editing Contest that Wasn't

Awhile back a contest was offered at SLR Lounge  but had long since closed with their chosen winner. However still being interested and up to a challenge on an otherwise boring Saturday I thought I would try editing their image anyway, if only for the FUN of photo-editing and Why the Hell NOT!

The Rules of Engagement, were simple enough "Edit [raw image file] to your liking"
  • Contest: Show Us Your Best Edit And Win
  • Original Image, Nikon RAW (.nef): © Dave Kai Piper
  • Photo Edits (PNG): ©2014 w00d's Photo Muse, The Muse, w00d or pwoodyp
  • Disclaimer: As stated previously I missed entering this contest therefor I decided to challenge myself by doing the suggested editing regardless.
Original Image, Nikon RAW (.nef): © Dave Kai Piper
ORIGINAL RAW (.nef) file © Dave Kai Piper, resized
and converted to PNG image file for the WEB

The Edits
  • Going mostly for subtly or "less is more" following shows what developed.
  • My favorite would be the 'Black & White' with 'Blue Hue' second.

Click image to view larger then Be FREE and Critique.

Black & White: Image Edits © 2014 w00d or pwoodyp
Black & White
Adding Stars: Image Edits © 2014 w00d or pwoodyp
Stars and Trees
Life is Best with a Little Green, YES? Image Edits © 2014 w00d or pwoodyp
Green Hue

Feeding the Blues: Image Edits © 2014 w00d or pwoodyp
Blue Hue