Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scale Helicopter, the Bell UH-1 Huey

HeliArtist - BELL UH1 Huey

Ready for the first TEST Flight but unfortunately this test didn't go to plan. I found the bird needed a 3-Axis GYRO for stabilization. Current status: A work in progress until the electronic stabilization is purchased. An alternate option would be to install the Trex 450 Main Rotor with it's Fly-bar stabilization. 

Tail Riser Assembly
: Plastic Idler pulleys needed replacing with a metal (CNC) pulley. Plastic pulleys as supplied are known to wear tail drive belts prematurely therefor the preemptive pulley replacement as shown in the next image.
Tail Riser
: The problematic plastic idler pulleys replaced with steel bearings


  Sullivan Pushrod - Checking the FIT, correct length and operation

The  Sullivnan connection
LED wiring and testing.
Wiring to be
routed inside the body

Scale Main Rotor Head
Trex 450 Skeleton for the UH1: Showing the Tail Riser assembly and the Scale Main Rotor Head. Also shown the Spartan QUARK, ICE50 ESC, 3 x Servo placements

Shopping for the UH1, Digital Pitch Gauge, Bubble Level, TRex Pro Tail Grips and Hub, TRex Pro Bell-Crank and Slider,
KDE Direct Series V2 Tail Upgrade

Kit contents but n
ot shown here is the 'Tail Riser' assembly


ALIGN TRex 450sa
plastic Tail Casing will be used. Note, the stock casing came standard with a plastic Drive Pulley which I have replaced with a CNC version shown here


Video: MKS DS95 © MKS

Bell UH1 Huey

  Update: The Bell UH1 Project is Alive and Kicking Butt

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