Monday, August 06, 2012

ALIGN TRex 450 Colour Change

Teaching myself how to photo-edit without the aid of a tutorial.
... Changing an RC Helicopters canopy colour. Possibly to previsualize a new paint scheme.

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ALIGN TRex 450: Original Colour, Mellow Yellow
Original as Photographed (yellow)

ALIGN TRex 450: Bloody Red
Changed to Red

ALIGN TRex 450: Blue Gradient ~ Kid is talented, eh
The Blue Gradient
Notice the hue changing from the dark blue at the top of the canopy toward the lighter blue at the bottom

Update: May 22, 2014

WARNING: This is the result of being in a SILLY mood.

ALIGN TRex 450: Grey Gradient
Changed to Grey Gradient

ALIGN TRex 450: Orange ~ Hey, do you really need me to tell you what colour this is?

Changed to Orange

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