Saturday, May 04, 2013

My NEW Pen Tablet

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A few days I decided to buy the WACOM Intuos5 touch Small (PTH450M). Pen Tablet hardware that will be used in my photo-editing.

WACOM Intuos5 touch Small (PTH450M)

   The new Pen and Tablet arrived. 

After trying the device for the first time, first impressions left me thinking that learning to use it is going to be challenging. This is only because I have near 30 years of mouse experience to rewrite. Learning certainly will take allot of time and practice (actually, perfect practice) to retrain my muscle memory to become proficient with the Pen. Regardless this is wonderful technology and I'm looking forward to what I might accomplish with the new toy ...

WACOM Intuos5 touch Small (PTH450M) workspace
My workspace showing the new tablet and it's also the first image edited with the new hardware.

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