Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project: Thunder Clouds

Not too long ago a thunderstorm passed through the area and off in the distance I saw the clouds break showing another storm heading towards my location. This was also a perfect time to shoot as the SUN was just starting to set. We we're into the Golden Hour (WiKi) so out came the camera armed with a short telephoto zoom set to 85mm to capture what I thought would be a great shot. 

It was obvious before taking the shot the rain drops on the window was going to be a problem therefor show in the picture. With no choice I proceeded and shot through a window anyway capturing the rain drops from the previous thunderstorm that was just passing overhead. That storm and it's trailing edge is shown by the gray band of cloud at the top of the photograph.

Project: Thunder Clouds ~ very little rain removed
It was at this time I decided to put my photo-editing skills to task and repair the image by removing all the distracting rain drops ... A task easier said than done, but yes I said it.

Project: Thunder Clouds ~ almost all the rain removed
Using the photo-editor and 'clone' tools three hours later with beads of sweat resembling the actual rain drops forming on my forehead gave me a image minus all the rain.

... Yes, I more or less liked the result.

But the lesson learned or what I took away after finishing the work. Due to the amount of information lost with each drop removed produced an image I thought unsuitable for large printing but good enough for the Web. Was the finished image worth the time and effort, that's hard to say but it sure was educational.
Project: Thunder Clouds ~ ALL the rain removed ~ FIN
Final Crop, full size image.


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