Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Coloured 74-Oldsmobile Omega

Timelapse Restoration and Colorization,
Jammie Rogers, Daredevil 1917

Published on Oct 13, 2014 ~ c.1917, Washington DC, USA by Harris & Ewing, 5x7 glass plate negative, colour by Jordan J. Lloyd, 2014. Courtesy of the Library of Congress

"Jug ‘Jammie’ Reynolds, also known as ‘The Human Fly’ balances precariously over the edge of the Lansburgh furniture building on 9th NW, Washington DC, 1917 as part of a wider routine including acrobatics. Reynolds toured his daredevil act across the USA, and began his routine by climbing up the building like Spider Man before his acrobatic and balancing displays. Whilst the date of this particular image is dated around 1917, a similar showcase in Carlisle, PA in October 1915 drew a crowd of 1,500 people. The local paper covered the stunt, Reynolds “starting at the awning and landing on the high tower… after reaching it successfully, he placed two tables and on them several chairs,” the article reads. “Then he balanced himself on a chair while people held their breath.”

The restoration ~ more information at Youtube

The video was my inspiration ...
Coloured Black & White image of the 1974 - Oldsmobile Omega
Coloured Black & White

Original Black & White image of the 1974 - Oldsmobile Omega
Original Black & White image of my best friends 1974 - Oldsmobile Omega (1976)

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