Friday, April 24, 2015

NEW Bird Added to the Fleet

The Gintrude H7 QUAD-Copter
The Gintrude H7 QUAD-Copter
    A new and inexpensive Chinese made Nano QUAD
Salient Features:
  • Flight Stability via 6-axis gyro
  • 2.4GHz RC-Flight Controller and Receiver
  • Batteries:
    • Transmitter: 2x AAA Alkaline 1.5v... I prefer 2x AAA Sony CycleEnergy NiMH 1.2v 800mAh rechargeable batteries 
    • Flight: Internal rechargeable LiPo 3.7v 1S 150mah  
  • Charge Time:  Approximately 40 minute via supplied USB Cable
  • Flight time: Approximately 6 minutes
  • Flight Range: Approximately 20 meters 
  • Built-in Red, Green and White LEDs
  • Size and Weight: 47mm x 47mm x 27mm at 14grams
  • Includes Protective (Crash) Guard for Propellers
  • Trick Mode Button: Press for 360-degree flips in direction of travel
  • Speed Button: repeated presses to change speed
    • Slow (beginner)
    • Fast (advanced) 
    • Super FAST (for the criminally insane)

What's in the box

In the BOX: Moving clockwise the box contained a 2.4ghz Flight Controller, the Gintrude H7 (nano) QUAD-Copter, set of four spare propellers, USB Charging Cable and the instructions which had text so bloody small I almost needed a magnifying glass just to read! 

Gintrude H7 (nano) QUAD-Copter

Up close and personal. This is a 'Nano' QUAD which means it is quite small. In fact it is so small the bird might qualify as the smallest QUAD-Copter on the market (Google).

Night QUAD: H7 and it's internal LEDs

Night QUAD: H7 showing it's internal LEDs.
... Turned on and waiting to connect to the Flight Controller.

First Flight
... was GOOD fun.

I have finished my first flight with the NEW Quad and yes, there will be the customary leaning curve to become a proficient flyer. This little QUAD is NOT like it's more expensive and larger brethren insofar as it's NOT an autonomous ($1000.00+) QUAD-Copter. Within the Gintrude H7 there are NO electronic "smarts" such as GPS to keep the bird stable and in position without any controller input. 

Even after proper 'trim' setup you pretty much have to be on the sticks all the time due to left/right and forward/back drifting. In short YOU have to actually FLY this QUAD ... but that's NOT a BAD thing, I like to fly and is the reason why I love the hobby. It's all in a name "RC-Flight, the ART of flying." 

Towards becoming a proficient flyer with the H7 Quad "Practice makes perfect." Actually to be more accurate better to say "Perfect practice makes perfect (Google)"...

H7 Quad Take off


H7 Quad Take off - Slow motion

  •  Featuring an excellent tear-down of the Gin/Eachine H7

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